Welcome to JUKADO RYU

Learn to control fear and protect yourself without hesitation. Our club practices a practical realistic and effective hands on approach. Established since 1995 with over 30 years of instructor experience.

Our teaching methods will teach you how to use techniques in a progressive manner which means simpler ones are taught first and when adequate skills have been developed more advanced techniques are introduced.




Jukado Ryu

At Jukado Ryu we pride ourselves on helping our students achieve their goals: whether you want to increase your fitness level, develop your body strength, have fun and unwind or you just want to learn self-defence Jukado Ryu has the perfect programme for you.

I have learned so much from training at Jukado Ryu. I am more confident with my self and my abilities in every day life such as dealing with people, Sensei Bailey has helped me to believe in my self and I now have the ability to set goals for my self and really achieve them.

A Williams - Shireoaks, Worksop